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M-TT Textile Ink - Pigment Ink for Printing on a Wide Range of Fabrics




M-TT General Purpose Pigment Ink Set for Digital Textile Production

M-TT inks are a family of water-based modified pigment inks that make up a completely new category of digital textile inks. The binder-free ink is specially formulated with reactive elements that enable it to bind to a wide range of textiles. Incorporating a high load of high-performance pigments, M-TT ink produces exceptionally vibrant colors with a three-year outdoor durability. And without the need for post-processing normally associated with acid and reactive-dye inks, M-TT inks are an extremely versitile choice for digital textile production that saves time, energy and capital. 


M-TT_Applications_outdoor_furn    M-TT_Applications_home_furn    M-TT_Applications_apparel

M-TT_Applications_wall_ceiling_coverings    M-TT_soft_signage    M-TT_Applications_specialty_fabrics


M-TT Digital Textile Inks Advantages

  • Specially formulated pigment ink for digital textile printing systems
  • Prints on natural and synthetic fabrics

  • Produces rich, high density colors

  • Provides 3 year outdoor durability based on AATCC results

  • Passes AATCC crock and wash tests

  • Incorporates binderless formulation for excellent run-ability and maximum uptime

  • Eliminates costly, time consuming steam and wash steps

  • Works with matched-component fabrics and M fabric treatments for optimal output

Compatible Printhead Technology

  • Epson DX4
  • Epson DX5

Material Compatibility


Available Colors



For more information on what M-TT digital textile inks can achieve for your business, click here or call us at 800.536.1196 or email us at

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