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Awards and Recognition

Sublimated PlaquePerhaps more than in any other market, sublimated digital transfers have fundamentally changed the awards market. Plaques and trophies that were once limited to a single color and only a few design templates are now available with vibrant color and exquisite photographic images, limited only by your customer's imagination!

Award shop owners are adding entirely new revenue streams to their business by creating beautiful, high-quality digital sublimation transfers on t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, clipboards, message boards and more. With a Sawgrass sublimation system, personalization can be offered in profitable quantities as low as one, with no additional setup costs.


  • Incorporate brilliant color and photo realistic graphics

  • Flexibility and quick turnaround allows order fulfillment with minimal lead time

  • Offer the most unique awards in your community

  • Add on extra sales (and profits) with a wide array of items made from a single system

  • Individualized customization costs nothing extra to produce

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