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Sublimated T-shirtsNothing creates a brighter, more vibrant message than a tshirt printed with Sawgrass sublimation inks. Sublimation produces images that have no "hand", are virtually indestructible, incredibly detailed and are capable of achieving natural looking photographic representation. And with Sawgrass' sublimation systems, personalization can be offered economically in quantities as low as one.



  • Offer custom artwork and incorporate photo-realistic graphics

  • Flexibility and quick turnaround allows "just-in-time" order fulfillment

  • Shirts are permanently dyed with the image color can't be washed out

  • Individual customization costs nothing extra to produce

Performance Apparel and Jerseys

Sublimated Athletic JerseysSawgrass' sublimation systems are revolutionizing the digitally decorated sports apparel market. This versatile technology prints on a wide variety of fabrics including those used for jerseys, swimwear, and cycling wear. Customize fabrics for virtually indestructible images that can't be detected by touch. Prints are incredibly vibrant and detailed, with natural looking photographic representation. And with a Sawgrass sublimation system, personalization can be offered in quantities as low as one, with no additional setup costs.



  • Perfect for sampling and prototyping

  • Expands custom order opportunities

  • Ideal for event-specific sponsorships

  • Enables photographic images and more full-color design

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