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PartnerPlus is a comprehensive user support program that fully guarantees Sawgrass’ premium digital transfer inks - ChromaBlast®, ChromaBlast-R®, SubliJet IQ®, SubliJet-R® against performance issues or defects. Partner Plus covers any Epson or Ricoh supported printer during its original warranty period.

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PartnerPlus customers enjoy added peace of mind with this enhanced level of service:

Product Support

Real-time Product Support, including telephone, web and fax-based technical and usage support.


Sophisticated Color Management Software support and application tips.


Full Product Warranty against any Sawgrass ink cartridge performance issues or defects.

Phone Support

Technical Phone Support for Supported Printers that are Under Original OEM Warranty and being used with the approved Sawgrass inks.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for all Sawgrass Customers.

Since the first introduction of our first ink product, Sawgrass has provided the highest quality product at the best value, by offering additional features and services not found elsewhere in the industry. Sawgrass has always offered free technical support for customers, available by calling authorized Sawgrass Product Resellers or Sawgrass Technologies. Sawgrass also provides award winning color management software and support that guarantees you -- our valued customer -- that you have purchased a total product solution.

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