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Sublimation Printing Knowledgebase

Welcome to the Sublimation Knowledge Base. Here you will find resources, geared toward helping you succeed with your dye sublimation system, that cover a wide range of topics from setting up your printer to matching a specific logo color, from conceptualizing project ideas to producing a tile mural. Sawgrass is committed to supporting your business. If you can not find answers to one of your questions or you need additional assistance, please contact our Technical Support Department. 

Sublimation Defined

Sublimation means different things to different businesses. To some, it means the ability to produce photo-quality gift products. To others, it means making custom performance apparel. Whatever your focus, sublimation allows for a versatile interpretation of product solutions across many market segments. The literal definition of sublimation is the transition of a substance from a solid directly to a vapor without passing through the liquid phase. As Sawgrass defines sublimation, the solids are the particles of dye which rest on the surface of your printed transfer page. Using heat and pressure, the ink gasses off the page to permanently dye the sub-surface of a polyester based product including apparel, plastics, films, coated metals and woods.

Because sublimation is a meeting of art and science, there are additional training steps the sublimation end user must conquer. Over the next few pages, we'll provide you with a host of resources for improving your sublimation business.

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