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SubliJet IQ Sublimation Inks for Epson Printers

SubliJet-R Sublimation Inks for Epson Printers

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Formulated for popular Epson® inkjet printers, SubliJet IQ sublimation ink systems combine the industry’s highest quality sublimation inks with easy-to-use color management software and comprehensive support for a complete solution for printing brilliant sublimation transfers.

Available in four or eight color configurations, the Epson platform is widely recognized for printing high-quality photo products and photo gifts.

SubliJet IQ UV and Fluorescent Sublimation Inks for the Epson 4880NEW! Specialty Spot Color Ink Sets for Epson 4880

Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Yellow and BlackLight Blue - Used as individual spot colors or combined with CMYK, these bold new fluorescent colors are ideal for creating high-visibility safety designs or for creating psychedelic and retro looks.

Invisible in naturalight, Blacklight Blue can only be seen when exposed to black light – great for Identification, Anti-Piracy and Novelty applications. More...

Sublimation Printing Solutions

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Picture Perfect Digital Decoration

  • Reliable High-Speed Production – Print engine delivers up to 41 prints/hour
  • Profits On Demand – Zero set-up, print one or one hundred
  • Budget Smart Startup Costs – Systems as low as $850
  • Premium Margins  – Personalized products generate higher markups
  • Low Image Cost – Image cost as low as $0.32
  • Extreme Versatility – Print full color images on a wide variety of soft and hard products
  • High Quality – Vivid, high resolution, photographic quality images
  • Easy – User-friendly print driver and color management software

The key to the patented SubliJet IQ system is the chemical process.  When sublimation inks are heated to 400°F, they turn into a gas and permanently bond to 100% polyester fabric or items that have a polymer coating.  The result is a premium, full-color, photographic-quality image that will not crack, peel or wash away from the substrate to which it was applied.

High Quality High Capacity Sublimation Printing Solutions

Flexible Ink Delivery Systems

SubliJet IQ is available in standard cartridge or optional bulk ink versions for most Epson printers, allowing you to attain the greatest value for your ink investment.

High Resolution Sublimation Printing Solutions

Extreme Color

SubliJet IQ delivers extremely vibrant colors and stunning resolution at levels that other digital processes simply cannot match.  It’s the top choice for Professional Photographers and Digital Imagers that demand precision and fine detail in every image.

Long Lasting Sublimation Printing Solutions

Superior Longevity

Sublimated images created with SubliJet IQ are permanent!  Hard substrate surfaces won’t crack, peel or scratch.  Apparel won’t fade – ever – no matter how many times it is washed.

Sublimation Images are Infused into the Surface

Infused Image

Unlike screen-printing, print-cut vinyl and direct-to-substrate printing which are applied to the surface of the product, sublimation ink is actually infused into the surface of the substrate.

PowerDriver Sublimation Printing Software


Available to all  SubliJet customers, PowerDriver makes printing beautiful transfers a breeze. Powerful features enable users to easily optimize color output for photographs, vector graphics or spot colors. You are no longer limited to OEM driver capabilities or a single ICC profile. Plus, PowerDriver handles routine and otherwise tedious printing tasks, like mirror image, automatically.

ColorSure Sublimation Color Management Software

ColorSure Palette with Color Finder

When loaded into your design software, ColorSure Palette enables you to control how your image will look once transferred. Whether you are matching a customer’s spot color or creating new designs, simply fill the solid portions of your artwork with a color from the palette, and you will achieve precisely the correct colors. With handy features like Color Finder, you can even create a custom palette that can be saved for use on future jobs! 

Sublimation Printing Service and Support


PartnerPlus is our comprehensive user support program and includes: real-time product support, color management software support, full product warranty, technical phone support for printers under OEM warranty.  100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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