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About Sawgrass Technologies

Corporate Overview

Sawgrass Technologies, Inc. is a leading developer of digital printing technologies that allow our customers to customize a vast array of products --- large and small --- including plastics, metals, films, ceramics, and textiles. Sawgrass develops state-of-the-art systems that enable customers around the globe to produce highly customized, high-quality, full-color images.

Sawgrass provides whole product solutions designed to support any size business --- from desktop systems to wide format commercial and industrial systems for production environments. As a total solution provider, Sawgrass combines patented digital ink formulations with advanced color management software and technical support to meet the needs of business customers looking for profitable, short-run production. Sawgrass is committed to delivering quality products that customers can trust.

Our patented inks are accompanied by strong internal support systems. Sawgrass invests heavily in R&D to continue to bring advanced solutions to the marketplace. More than 160 patents reflect Sawgrass’ ongoing commitment to deliver unique solutions to the digital printing industry.

Sawgrass serves markets around the world through a dedicated network of distributors who stock everything you need to create an endless supply of creative, high-margin possibilities.

Sawgrass Technologies is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina with additional offices in Basel, Switzerland and Sheffield, England. 

Sawgrass Technologies Digital Printing Inks and Solutions


Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Sawgrass Technologies?

Sawgrass Technologies, Inc. is a specialty chemical research company developing innovative vertical market solutions with patented digital transfer imaging technology. By combining leading-edge digital ink products with advanced color management software, Sawgrass has developed state–of–the–art systems for high-quality color printing of personalized and customized images onto a wide variety of surfaces. These technologies enable customers to create, manage, and deliver visually rich products by harnessing the power of digital printing.

Did Sawgrass invent inkjet sublimation printing?

Prior to the mid–1990’s, a commercially viable/stable inkjet sublimation ink was not available in the market. There were unsuccessful attempts to sell sublimation inks for use in inkjet printers. These inks however tended to quickly settle out and could not be printed for more than a few hours without permanently damaging the print heads.

Sawgrass’ first solution for the problems encountered with inkjet sublimation was a wax thermal sublimation printer product released in the early 1990’s. Shortly after the successful release of wax thermal sublimation printing technology, Sawgrass began development of inkjet sublimation inks resulting in it’s first release in 1996.

This innovation was awarded U.S. and International Patents. Users who print sublimation inks that have the properties of the Sawgrass invention in digital inkjet printers practice the Sawgrass Method.

Which Companies have Sawgrass’ licensed to produce inks based on Sawgrass’ sublimation printing patents?

No companies are authorized to produce sublimation inks for printers less than 42”. Sawgrass has licensed the following companies to produce sublimation inks for printers 42” and larger; BASF, Hilord Chemical, Huntsman (formerly Ciba Specialty Chemical), Inktec, J-Teck, Kiian Group, Kiwa Chemical Industry Co., Mimaki Engineering Company, Nazdar, and Sensient Technologies.

How does Sawgrass protect itself from companies that infringe on its patents?

Sawgrass owns patents covering the manufacture, printing, and application of sublimation inks used with inkjet printers and has invested over $10 million into the development of this proprietary technology.

There are companies currently selling sublimation inks into the market that are believed to infringe on Sawgrass patents. The companies supplying these inks are aware of Sawgrass patent claims and of their products patent infringement. They willfully choose to sell them for their financial gain in disregard of existing patents.

Sawgrass always seeks a business solution to this type of conflict but must ultimately rely on Federal Courts to enforce the patent law and force such suppliers to stop selling patent infringing inks into the marketplace.

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